Jaming Aircrafts

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Jamming aircraft can be a useful asset in an aerial battle. The reason why they are very useful is because they jam the enemy radar making it hard for them to see in the area that the jamming planes cover. That is how the plane got its name.

The jamming aircraft not only jams the radar of the enemy plane, it also jams the communication between planes and their officers back home. It does not totally destroy the radar and communications. The enemy can still partially see and talk to other planes. While the enemy can still partially see and talk to other planes on their radar, it is still hard to fight relying only on their eyes and not their radar. An example of a jamming plane is the one that is shown to the left, and it is called the EA-6B Prowler.

Sometimes a radar jam can be the cause of an enemy plane going down. This is another reason why jammer aircraft can be useful in a war. The reason why it helps you and not the enemy is because it figures out the enemy signal and jams that instead of your own radio signal. Jammers are like transport planes because they are slow and need escort planes to help make sure they do not get shot down. Jammer planes go above the regular altitude limit for fighter planes. This is why they are so difficult to spot when your radar is out. This also gives them a slightly better edge than transport planes.

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