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For this project I had to design a website specifically about one subject that interests me. Then I had to include in the design a website with at least two other pages not including a works cited page and a reflection page. Also I had to have a title on each of the pages, a global navigation bar for all pages, at least four internal links, and at least four external links.

I chose military planes for my web site. I went into depth on each of the major types of planes and explain each one of them. Most of the information came from me. The only information not from myself was the links I used, and I still did not use the information I got from them. One of the reasons why I know so much is because I play video games that have planes in them. This shows me how each plane reacts in battle. For instance I learned quickly that the F-22A Raptor can pick up other planes from long ranges and attack them because I did that in the game.

I communicated using written and technological formats because I wrote a lot of information down on my site and used dreamweaver as well. I met proficiency in content and applied learning standards because I made sure that all my content was true. I interpreted a wide range of materials because I talked about each of the different types of planes. I demonstrated the use of reasoning and problem solving in the setting up of my website. I used the synthesis of data because I sorted out the bad and good types of data to form my website. I demonstrated skills and behaviors for independence because I worked on my website alone and took it upon myself to keep doing it. I participated in the national and global communities because I talked about all of the different planes from the United States and other countries. I demonstrated a respect for diversity because I did not criticize any countries for the planes that they made or anything of the sort. I set individual goals for life long learning by trying to figure out how to use flash to make gifs or short little movies about planes.

One easy thing in this project was putting down the information because I knew everything about planes from games and what my grandpa had told me. One hard thing was finding the sites for the work-cited page. The reason why this was so hard is because I did not use any website to find any information. One thing that I will remember is how to use dreamweaver in general because I love computers and do want to do something later on in life with them.