Stealth Planes

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Stealth planes are one of the best planes to have. The reason why is because they can come in wide varieties. They can be bombers, can be normal fighter planes or they can be huge planes like a transport plane.

Stealth fighter planes are very valuable because they are very hard to pick up in a dogfight if the pilot is solely dependent on his radar. An example of a stealth fighter plane is the one shown to the right. This is called the F-117 nighthawk.

This F-117 is probably one of the first stealth planes to ever be invented. This plane does lack firepower but is very fast and maneuverable when in a dogfight.

Of course not all stealth planes are fighter planes there are also bombers. One of the best stealth bombers around is the B-1 Lancer. Shown below, the B-1 is the former form of the widely known B-2 spirit bomber (Wikipedia “B1 Lancer” 1). The B-1 bomber has basic stealth technology.

There are very few stealth planes. The reason why is because stealth technology is very expensive and hard to make. This is why only very valuable and the best planes have stealth in them. Another plane that has stealth technology in it is the F-22A "Raptor". This plane has one of the most advanced stealth systems to date and is said to be the next best plane. For more information about it click here.

Stealth planes like most planes however, have their weaknesses (Wikipedia “Stealth aircraft” 2). Most stealth planes are not very maneuverable, so if they do get picked up on radar, they usually are done for when that happens. Unless of course they are fighter planes, then they still have a chance if they are somehow detected on radar.

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