Transport Planes

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Transport planes are very large and very well built planes. They can transport troops and equipment over enemy lines and help the troops attack the enemy as well. The reason they can attack the enemy as well is because they may be bombers as well as transport planes. Some of these planes have been seen in movies where you see troops jumping out of them. One of the transport planes is the C-130 "Hercules" plane shown to the left.

Transport planes also are used today as the planes that take us from place to place. The only difference is these planes do not have any machine guns or missiles.

Transport planes, while they are very slow, are still very hard to take down because they have thick steel covering them. Some times the only way to take a plane like this down is to use a missile instead of a machine gun. The transport planes, although they are tough to take down, are easily taken down when they are alone. That is why transport planes have to have escort planes. This is so the escorts draw the fire away from the transport plane so that it actually has a chance of getting away or dropping off what it needs to drop off.

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