The Wonders of Planes

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There are many types of planes. There are bombers, fighter airplanes, stealth aircrafts, transport airplanes and jamming airplanes. All of these planes have unique qualities. Bombers are good for massive invasions on people who have no planes to defend themselves. Fighter planes can be used for bombing, but fighter planes are primarily designed for fighting other fighter planes in what is known as a dogfight. Stealth planes may be bombers or fighter planes, but they are also able to slip passed enemy radar and do some major damage to the enemy. Jammer aircraft can be the most useful in a war because they can temporarily disable enemy radar. Transport planes can be valuable assets in war because they can transport troops and equipment over large distances. People just wanting to get from Rhode Island to California can also use transportation planes in everyday life, like in peacetime emergencies

Here is a picture of some of the different types of planes.

Planes are great assets to have in a war. This is because not only can they see what is going on below from the sky, but they can also affect the fighting beneath them as well. Planes are amazing things. You really do not know what truly keeps them up in the air. It is their wings but that is not the real reason. The real reason is a principle discovered by Bernoulli. The principle states that when air is going faster over something, it has less pressure on it. This causes something to go up and fly. Racecar engineers use this principle, but they use it in reverse thus helping the car to stay on the track when it reaches those high speeds.

Planes have come a long way since the Wright brothers first invented them. When fighter planes were first invented, they had propellers with machine guns behind them. The flaw with this, as everyone could have guessed and what scientists soon realized, was that the machine gun was destroying the propeller along with enemy planes. The reason why is because the machine gun was behind the propeller and every few shots would hit the propeller rather than go out in the air. Never the less we always learn from our mistakes, and so did the scientists. That is why they changed the position of the machine guns to the sides on the wings.


Planes in the air force now a day have to be in squadrons. Like the F-15 squadron shown to the left. The ideal squadron to have is made up of four planes, no more, no less. The reason being is because the way it works is that you have one leader, one guy to his left and two to his right. This way they all are protecting the leader; but if the enemy picks up the one that is closest to the leader on his right, the plane furthest to his right can help that plane. This still leaves the leader protected because of the plane to his left. This is a useful tactic when the leader tells them all to disperse because one plane is left to help him and the other two help each other. Squadrons can be made up of more planes, but it is better to have four. The reason why is because it is a low number so you can agree on a decision quickly. Also because there is an even number, each one can watch the others back; and no one has to worry about someone getting left all alone with the enemy.