Diplomats a.k.a Dipset

There hasn't been a group more dedicated to hip hop like Dipset and have made an impact like them in music. They came from uptown manhattan. The Diplomats a.ka. Dipset started with Cam'ron and he aligned with a mentor/ old friend from Harlem Dame Dash and signed with him in a solo deal with the biggest and hottest rap label Roc- A-Fella Record. So Cam'ron and his crew Juelz Santana Jim Jones rapping through the radio and the videos.

When Cam'ron dropped his first album "Come home with me" and one of his other hits on the album called "Oh Boy". That Song "Oh Boy" made him famous and Leron James a.k.a. appearance in the video spitting his lyrics. There mixtapes and freestyles are always #1. The group alwasy refer themselves as a movement always moving forward never falling from the competition and they don't like being called a crew because crews always break up. Cam'rons second single "Hey Ma" was a #1 hit on the charts. What I love about this group they never stop making new music.


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