The Best of the Best

10. Allen Iverson Iverson may be playing for a new team but hes still is putting up impresive numbers in scoring and assists averageing almost 27 ppg and 8 ast per game which is why he earned the 10 spot on this list.
9. Chris Bosh Part of the class of 2003, Bosh averages a double double with 23 ppg and 11 rpg. Apart from this, Bosh has led his team to the 3rd seed in the Eastern Confrence which is why he ranks number nine on the list.
8. Tracy Mcgrady Comeing back from arguably his worst season ever, T-Mac is averaging 24 ppg, 6 apg, and 5 rpg and alongside big man Yao Ming, T-Mac and the Rockets could be a sleeper pick for the championship.
7. Yao Ming Yao has really blossemed this year averaging 25 ppg and 10 rpg. His impressive post play alongside T-macs clutch scoring ability could lead the Rockets to an NBA championship.
6. Kevin Garnett Even though th Timberwolves are not really a playoff contender, KG is still a force to be reconed with. Averaging an impressive 23 ppg, 13 rpg, and 4 apg, he is considered to be the most efficiant player in the game which is why he earned the 6th spot on this list.
5. Dirk Nowitski If the Mavericks win the championship, it wont be without this guy. Dirk has lead his team to an unbeileveable 62 and 12 record while averaging 25 ppg and 9 rpg. Dirk is definatly a strong contender for MVP.
4. Steve Nash It's possible that this 2 time MVP could win his 3rd strait MVP this year. After all, he has lead his team to a 2nd seed in the west and his nubers have increased since last year. Nash is currently averaging 19 ppg and leads the leauge in assists with 12 per game.
3. Dwane Wade If Wade returns from his shoulder injury, the heat will be a serious title contender in the NBA. Wade lead his team to a championship last year and picked up finals MVP. Before his injury, Wade was averaging an unbeileveable 29 ppg, 8 apg, and 5 rpg which makes him one of the best players in the leauge when healthy.
2. Lebron James Theres no question why people call this guy the choosen one. At the age of 22, Lebron Jame is averaging and astounding 28 ppg, 7 rpg, and 6 apg. Making his first playoff appearence last year, Lebron end his first round series with a triple double and two game winners. in the second round, Lebron almost lead his team to an unbeileveable upset against the mighty Detroit Pistons in the second round. This year Lebrons team is the second seed in the east and could lead the Cavaliers to an NBA championship. There is no question that LBJ23 will go down as one of the best players of all time.
1. Kobe Bryant Kobe is definatly one of the best scorers to ever play in the NBA. Last season, Kobe posted an impressive 35 ppg whith a career high game of 81 pts. If that wasn't enough, Kobe still has 3 championship rings under his belt with former teamate Shaq. Last month, Kobe averaged an unbeileveable 56 ppg with a season high of 65. Kobe currently leads the NBA in totals for ppg, apg, and rpg. All of this and Kobe has still single handedly made his team a contended in the west. This is more then enough to give Kobe the title of best plater in the NBA.