The best dunkers OF ALL TIME

5. Julius Erving aka "Dr. J"

The original slam dunk champion, Dr. J was a true master of the art. Dr. J combined his high flying ability with a certain grace and style which players still mimic today. Dr. J was the fisrt player to dunk from the foul line.

4. Dominique Wilkins aka "Nique"

Nique was a pioneer in the art of dunking. He was a little after Dr. J's time but he had a stly of dunking all his own. Nique style comined his flash and power to create jaw dropping slam dunks. Nique is known for his strong windmill slams and his bone crushing double pump dunks.

3. Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson mimicked Nique's style to create his own amazing slam dunks. Jason uses his powerful aray of windmill slams and 360 degree spins to bring the crowd to there feet every time he plays. Jason Richardson is also the first player since Michael Jordan to win back to back slam dunk titles. Richardson is mostly known for his unbeileveable between the legs slam dunks. His best dunk was in the 2003 dunk contest where he threw the ball off the back board before going through the legs to dunk it home.

2. Michael Jordan

When people think of high flying dunks, Jordan is usually the first player that comes to mind. He bases his style on Dr. J's high flying grace. Jordan is famous for hanging in the air to the point were he gives off the illusion that he's actually flying. It is rumored that in his prime, Jordan could hang in thr air for three seconds before setting foot on the ground. Joradn usually uses an aray of cuff dunks when competing in the slam dunk contest.

1. Vince Carter

Vince Carter single handedly brought the slam dunk to a whole new level. Not only is he the greatest in game dunker of all time but he also put on a jaw dropping performance at the dunk contest in 2000. He is the creator of the 360 windmill and the elbow in the rim dunk and is probably the best dunker to ever compete in the competition. VC's greatest dunk of all time was in the 2000 summer Olympics in Sydney Australia when he completely jumped over a 7'2" center from the French national team. Vince finished the playwith a jaw dropping, earth shattering, dunk that left the whole world speechless. You never know what to expect when watching Vince Carter but you can epect that he will do something amazing.