The Best of the Best

1. Steve Nash Steve is a very good decision maker and he is always pass first. His ability to shoot the three and his uptempo style of play makes him a a dangerous point guard.
2. Kobe Bryant On this team, Kobe would be the main scorer and clutch play maker. His unbeilevable scoring ability combined with the knowledge of what it takes to win a championship would fit him perfect for this position.
3. Lebron James Lebron does it all. He scores he passes he rebounds, he blocks shots, and he plays defense. This would make him a good contributor to this dream team.
4. Kevin Garnett Garnett is a solid power forward. You can always count on him to get atleast 22 and 13 with a few assists and blocks thrown in.
5. Yao Ming Yao has proven himself to be a dominate force this year.