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The Web Design assignment was to design and build a website on a topic of our choice. The first step of the project was to choose a topic that you were interested in and plan out the website and make a flash that pertained to the topic. Once all the pages were planned out, the next step was to design and actually build the website in Dreamweaver. From the assignment, I learned how to plan out a website, actually make a website, make a flash, and use Dreamweaver. To learn how to make a website, we learned how to use Dreamweaver to make pages, link them together, how to use flash, and other aspects of the website. This helped, because it was one project that showed what we learned, and the process in which we learned it really helped understanding the connections of everything that we learned this semester.

The most challenging aspect of the task was making the flash. This was the most challenging for me, because I could not decide on what I wanted to do with my flash and how exactly I would do the actions that I wanted. The least challenging aspect was drawing out the flash and designing the website. Drawing the flash was not difficult, because I found it fun and drawing on the computer is not really that challenging (if the drawing is simple enough). Also, designing the website was not really all that challenging, because I enjoy designing things.

By doing this project, I learned many things both as a student, as well as a person. As a student, I learned how to follow instructions and budget my time wisely by learning how to actually build the site as well as meeting a certain deadline. I grew as a person by learning how to take suggestions and how to properly ask for help, for all of this was new to me and I needed to ask for help every so often. Upon completing this project, I met standard 1.1 “communicating effectively using oral, written, and technological formats” by creating a website, which was a technological format. I also met standard 1.4, which was “demonstrating the use of reasoning and problem solving skills through the analysis of data,” by working through issues that I had and learning new material by working through them.

Home|Characters|Story|Fandom|Works Cited|L Flash
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