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Main Characters
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Light Yagami (Kira)

Light is the 17 year-old protagonist of the Death Note anime and manga. He is extremely bright and the top student in Japan, but he is bored with his average life. When he finds the Death Note, he decides to become a God of this world and elimnate all of the criminals, earning the title "Kira" (which is derived from the English word "killer"). Light Yagami hopes to rid the world of all criminals, creating a Utopia where he will reign as God. Ironically, Light is on the task force for catching Kira.


(L Lawliet)

L is the world's most famous and intelligent detective, the other 2 being Eraldo Coil and Deneuve (who are his alias'). Going by the name Hideki Ryuga and Ryuzaki, he is faced with the task of tracking and arresting Kira. Light is L's #1 suspect, making them enemies and often promotes sparring matches between the two. He uses mental strategies to trick and manipulate his suspects and is very childish when it comes to losing. L is very quirky, due to the fact that he holds things in a peculiar manner (as if they might break), eats nothing but sweets, and sits crouching on a chair with his knees tucked up to his chest.

Misa Amane

Misa is a popular teen model in Japan with an extreme devotion to Kira and a larger-than-normal-crush on Light. The relationship between Misa and Light is entirely one-sided, for Light uses her for her shinigami eyes (these allow her to see a person's name and life span at a glance). She is devoted to Kira (who she later descovers is Light) because her parent's were killed by a criminal. Misa is dubbed "The Second Kira" by L, because she kills the same way as Kira, but is not the same being.

~*~-See also for L's Successors. . . Shinigami-~*~
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