's Successors
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Mello (Mihael Keehl)

Mello grew up in Wammy's House (an orphanage for gifted children) with Near and Matt. Along with Near, he was a candidate to become the new L if anything should happen to him, but when it comes down to it, he would rather work alone. Mello is very emotional and a little irrational when it comes to his actions. He joined the mafia at a young age and has an obsession with guns and chocolate (along with leather clothing). He is less secluded and more socially aware than either Near or L and seems to be fond of motorcycles. Later in the story, he recieves a rather large scar across his face due to an explosion while trying to capture Kira.

Near (Nate River)

Near, L's other successor, grew up with Mello and Matt in Wammy's House. He was the top student in the orphanage, making him the source of Mello's hate and rivarly. Unlike Mello, Near is under-emotional and never shows emotion. He often acts childish playing with toys and making large towers out of dice, and seems to have an affection for white clothing. He also seems to mirror L in many ways such as his habits. He formed the Special Provision for Kira (SPK) with the Government of the United States.

Matt (Mail Jeevas)

Matt was L's third successor and Mello's best friend. His obsessions are cars, cigarettes, large ski goggles, funky fashion, and video games. He often does tasks for Mello such as aiding in a kidnapping by leading the police away in a high-speed chase. Although he is briefly in Death Note, he is a favorite among fans.

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