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Cosplay (short for "Costume Play") is a centered around Japanese subculture where people dress up as manga, anime, and video game characters. There have been many Death Note cosplays, for Death Note is one of the popular Japanese animes/mangas with a large fanbase.

^One of the best cosplayers behindinfinity at deviantart.com^

Madonna 'Jump'

It has been rumored that Madonna is a Death Note fan (and she apparently admitted it). One thing is for sure: It creeps many out (including me!). In her music video for her song "Jump" she is wearing a tight black leather vest and various black leather accessories and a short blonde wig? Mello. Pure Mello. Something about a 40-year-old woman dressing up to look like an animated 18-year-old boy seriously creeps the populous out. Also, a blue car that looks almost identical to Mello's friend Matt's appears in the video multiple times, leading the fans to believe Madonna was indeed cosplaying as the blonde boy.


Death Note is now a series of two live-action Japanese films released in 2006. Although the movie is heavily based on the manga and anime, there are differences in some appearances and story lines. It was released in North America on May 20th and 21st, 2008 and the DVD is scheduled to be released with the English voice actors from the anime.


Due to its high popularity, Death Note merchandise is available all over the internet. From actual Death Note notebooks to t-shirts, umbrellas, and keychains, all can be found wherever anime items are sold.

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