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Ryuk is a shinigami (also known as a Death God) who dropped the Death Note that Light owns. He is not Light's ally, nor is he his enemy. Ryuk is only in the Human World for entertainment, for the Shinigami Realm is boring and he finds humans entertaining. His obsession is apples and often enjoys watching Light struggle.


Rem is a female Shinigami who follows Misa faithfully. Misa is the owner of the Death Note that Rem had obtained from a dead Shinigami, and also obtained her Shinigami eyes from Rem. Another Shinigami named Jealous watched over Misa in the human world every day, and became obsessed with her, and died protecting her. Rem now took over Jealous' place in watching over Misa, even to go as far as say she will kill Light if Misa dies before her time is up.


Shidoh is the third Shinigami that appears in the human world. He is looking for his Death Note, which Ryuk gave to Light. Mello had obtained possession of the Death Note. When Shidoh finds Mello, he informs him that there were fake rules in that note (the ones that Light had added to fool L).

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