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Light Yagami is a teenager with incredible intellegence ande is the top student in his class, yet he is extremely bored with his life. In 2003, he discovers a mysterious black notebook with the words "Death Note" written across the top. Inside there are rules and instructions to use the Death Note. In order to use, all you have to do is picture the person's face while writing down their name, how they are to die, and time of death, and they will die. If a time or cause of death is not written, they will die of a sudden heart attack within 6 minutes. Light does not believe that this notebook is for real, but upon experimentation he discovers that it is authentic.

"I will be the God of the new World!"

Light believes that there is too much crime in the world, and he wants to clean it. He uses the Death Note to pass judgement of the criminals on the news. There is now a large number of unexplainable criminal deaths, and the International Police Organization takes notice. The mysterious, number one detective in the world known simply as "L" takes interest in the case. They believe that it is indeed a serial killer, which they dubbed "Kira" (after the Japanese pronounciation of the English word "killer"). Light then realizes that L is a major threat to him, for just from his way of killing and certain tests that L has been giving him, he has concluded that Kira is in Japan.
L then concludes that Kira must be in one of the police officers' families, for Kira has obtained information such as mugshots and names of criminals. It is then narrowed down to Light through a series of further analyzations. L and Light go to the same college, To-oh University; L being under the alias "Hideki Ryuuga" (Ryuuga Hideki in English).. After the opening ceremony and the shared speech (the two are tied for being top of their class with a perferct score on their entrance exams) L reveals to Light that he is L and asks him to join the investigation team. Let the race begin!

^In times of thought, L and Light are represented in Red and Blue tones to show the obvious polar opposites^

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