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In this task for web design, we were required to create a web page based on whatever topic we chose. I chose the topic of Australia. On my website I had links which had maps of Australia, famous attractions, history of Australia, interesting facts, and the differences in lingo. The website also contained a flash that I made which depicted a kangaroo jumping over the word ‘Australia.’ Overall from this task I learned how to make a website, as well as create a flash. I have learned how to successfully use the programs Dreamweaver and Macromedia flash. I am sure that having the knowledge of how to use these programs will greatly benefit me in the future. In order to learn the content we went over a few select chapters in the text book, which went over how to construct a website. The most helpful chapter that we went over was the one that focused specifically on Dreamweaver- the program we used to assemble the website. We also we required to put a flash on our websites, so we did a practice flash. This preparation made the task much easier and understandable.

The most difficult aspect of this task was creating the flash. Although my flash does not seem like the most artistic piece of work in the world, it was definitely a great challenge for an artistically challenged person like me to create it. But in the long run, it was pretty cool creating an animation. The least challenging aspect of this task for me was assembling everything together. From learning in previous lessons how to use Dreamweaver, I thought that it was pretty easy creating the links and the pages.

For the Academic and Learning expectations I was able to achieve standards 1.1 and 1.4. For 1.1, which states ‘ Communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats’. I was able to communicate effectively in my website, which is a technological format. For standard 1.4 which states ‘ Demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information’. Through the synthesis of the data and information of the guides and lessons, I was able to demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills to design my website. I also completed social and civic learning expectation 2.1, which states ‘Demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration.’ I was able to clearly demonstrate independence, through working on my website, and collaboration, which helped me learn about designing the website.

As a student, I was able to develop my technology skills. Through the creation of this website I learned how to design a technological format on my own, which having the knowledge of, will surely benefit me in the future. Now, I can understand critical aspects of computers that will help me in my future work. As a person, this task will help me in my future careers. Knowing how to correctly create a website, will, in the long run in all probability assist me in achieving a job in the long run.


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