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Differences in Lingo

In the english language, there are several differences in lingo between Australians and Americans.

Here is a list of some of the most popular uses of Aussie lingo, and what they mean.



Biscuits= Cookies

Chips= French Fries

Fairy Floss= Cotton Candy

Icy Pole= Popsicles

Lollies= Candy

Jelly= Jell-O

Brekkie= Breakfast


Jumper= Sweater

Nappy= Diaper

Singlet= Undershirt or tank-top

Trousers= Pants

Bathers= Swimsuit



G'day= Hello

How y'goin? = How are you?

Heaps= A lot

Oy! Hey!

Ace!= Excellent!

No Worries= No problem

Good on ya = Good for you





Mozzie= Mosquito

Mate= Friend

Mum= Mom

Sheila= A woman

Bloke= Man

Lift= Elevator

Petrol= Gasoline

Footy= Australian Rules Football


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