Manny being Manny
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Stats can be a very overated and underated depending on your opinion. But their have been some statistics that have you saying "How in the world did he do that?" And records are the same way. Almost like how many homeruns did he hit? Or how many wins to he have? Stats may seem like it is not important in baseball but it can definetly have you scratching your head at times. The players don't really focus on the stats but a lot of fans do because sometimes they can be just amazing. There are so many stats in baseball that it is hard to keep track of. But sometimes stats can effect the game. Managers will sometimes pinch hit for a guy who is struggling against the pitcher. Managers will look at the hitters stats and see if there is anyone else that has had success in the pitcher. This can be the same for the pitchers facing hitters. Click Updated Stats for any statistics
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