History of the team
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The Red Sox and Yankee rilvalry is probably the best rilvalry in sports today. To find out more Red Sox / Yankee rilvary The Red Sox have been in a good amount of World Series. If you want to go back in time to see where they shinned than jus click World Series Apperances.
Source In game 6 of the 1975 World Series Carlton Fisk it an epic homerun in the12th inning off of Cincanati Red pitcher, Pat Dracy. Fisk hooked the ball down the left field foul pole resulting in a homerun. What makes this homerun so special is the reaction of Fisk once he hit it. He really wanted that ball to be fair and fortunitly it was. But the Red Sox would lose game 7 and not get a World Series ring that year.  
Source On October 2, 1978 Bucky Dent hit a massive homerun against the Red Sox pitcher Mike Torrez in the 7th inning and later cost them the series. The Yankees would later go on to win the World Series. But the Red Sox were 14 games ahead of the Yankees at one point that year and Blew the lead. This year was a year that the Red Sox would soon hope to forget.  
Source In game 6 of the 1986 World Series the Red Sox were playing the Mets. In the top of the 10th inning the score was tied 5-5 with 2 outs. The bases were loaded at the time. Mookie Wilson hit a slow roller down the line to 1st and Bill Buckner miss placed it. It went underneath his glove through his legs. The Mets took game 7 and won the 1986 World series over the Red Sox. The odd thing is that Buckner was always a solid fielder. You could make the case that it was not Buckner's fault. Mookie was a pretty fast runner and could have beaten it out. And John McNamar, the Red Sox manager, decided to pinch hit for Roger Clemens. He put in Mike Greenwell, who was a rookie that year over Don Baylor, a former MVP. You can blame whoever you want but the Mets still one the title.  
SourceIn game 7, of the 2003 ALCS, it was the Red Sox vs. the Yankees. In the bottom of the 12th inning Aaron Boone hit a towering homerun to deep left off of Tim Wakefiled, who was in for relief. This walk off homerun, was Boone's most memorable homerun of his carrer, sending the Red Sox home empty handed. Some people believe it was not Wakefield's fault for the loss. Most people believe that Grady Little cost them the series. In the 8th inning the Red Sox were leading the Yankkes 5-2 with the Red Sox ace, Pedro Martinez on the mound. In the inning Jeter doubled, Bernie Williams singled and scored Jeter. At this point it was 5-3 Red Sox. Instead of putting Alan Embree in the game to face Matsui, a left handed hitter, Little stuck with his ace. Matsui hit a bloop double which scored Williams and Posada hit a bloop double to score Matsui. This resulted in a tie and later cost the Red Sox the game and series.