Involvment-When entering a cheerleading competition your team must have a full two minute routine. The routine includes a cheer, dance, stunt sequence, jump sequence, and another cheer. When performing your routine you must be as ethusiastic as ever! Everything counts. Every movement, every facial, every stunt, every jump, every pointed toe, every minute! Every minute under or over the two minute limit, points are deducted from your overall score. Stepping off the mat means automatically disqualified.Winning a competition means you move on to the next level of competiton which is states!
Perparement-Perparing for a cheer competition is the most important part of being successful the next day. When having a competition the next day you should rest the entire day. Drink a lot of water and pineapple juice, eat a lot of food with protein in it like peanut butter and celery. Get a early and good night sleep so you will have as much energy as possible to get you through your two minute routine.







Involvment-A states competition is almost the same thing as a regular competition. The only difference is when getting your judging sheets back at the competition, you fix everything possible that they tell you needs work.You have to make your routine the best, with no mistakes. Also in a competition you compete with teams that are in your division. In states you compete with teams around the state. When and if you come in 1st or 2nd place you then move onto nationals.






Involvment-When entering regionals the judging becomes a little harder. At regionals you compete against your division within the region. Most teams before coming into this competition, change a lot about their routine, scared of failing they make it much more complicated.





Involvment- Nationals is the last competition of all four. This competition decides which team is the best in the nation and becomes New England champs. In nationals you compete with every team in the U.S, doesn't matter what division or anything, everyone competes against everyone.



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