I conducted my cheerleading website by using dreamweaver. I first opened dreamweaver and created a new html document, I then went into word and came up with a plan for my website. After knowing what i wanted my website to look like i created seven different pages for my website with helpful information on each one of them. Having the information come from my head from being a cheerleader i wrote done all that i knew. I went on the internet and got all the pictures that caught my eye. Each page took time to make it come out the way i wanted it to. After finishing each page i went back online and got all the links to the photos, which was the most challenging part of the project. Before putting my final touches on i went to Macromedia Flash and saved my flash that i had made of my cheerleader and saved it in the same folder as my website. I then went back to my website and dragged my flash to my front page. I think the most challenging part of this project was finally getting it done. It took me a long time to finish this project simply because i waited too long. It wasnt very difficult actually putting it all together, except the part when i had to link all the pictures to their actual website. Other then that one challenge i really enjoyed making my own website.



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