When stunting there are many things that are very important inorder to lift a 100 to 115 person in the air. Many people think that cheerleading isnt hard and that anyone could lift a small girl in the air and catch them with no problem. But what people dont know is that there is a lot of tecnique that goes into stunting. Stunting is one of the hardest things to do in cheerleading. If you do not have the right tecnique when lifting someone in the air, it could eventually come back and bite you in the butt! The main thing when stunting is to always remember to look at your flyer at all times, if not, when competing you get a lot of points taken off. Stunting mostly depends on the leg strength in your bases. In a complete stunt group you have, a flyer, two bases, a backspot, and a frontspot. The flyer is the person who is launched in the air. The bases are the main people who lift their flyer safly in the air and watch her at all times. The backspot is the bigger person in the back helping the bases take some of the weight off of them. The frontspot stands in front sometimes helping but when not has her hands above her head the whole time, incase the flyer looses balance and falls foward. There are many different and difficult stunts that are performed throughout routines.







Heel Stretch*








Basket Toss*

Kick Toss*


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