The following is the all-time starting five for the Milwaukee Bucks. It has been determined based on their statistics and their impact on the organization as a whole.

1. KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR (a.k.a. Lew Alcindor)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is probably the most famous player to ever put on a Milwaukee Bucks uniform. He was drafted by the Bucks for the 1969-70 season and instantly became a superstar. He averaged 28.8 points per game (2nd in league) and 14.5 rebounds (3rd in league). In his first three seasons he only missed one game. Indubitably his best season was his second season (1970-71), when the Bucks were crowned the champions of the NBA. Starting every game, he shot 57.7% from the floor and averaged 31.7 points per game, which led the NBA. He also snatched down 16.0 rebounds a game, good for fourth in the league. Out of the six seasons he played for Milwaukee, the team racked up at least 56 wins or more in five of those seasons. His jersey, in fact, has been retired twice by the Bucks, most recently this past season.



Ray Allen is considered one of the most prolific shooters and scorers in Bucks history. He was known as a major three-point shooter for Milwaukee and led them to a Division Championship in the 2000-01 season. In that season he started in all 82 games, made 202 three-pointers, shot 89% from the foul line, and averaged 22.0 points per game.His 202 3FG were good for second in the NBA. After being traded away to Seattle the following season in which the Bucks received slam-dunk champion Desmond Mason and fierce competitor Gary Payton, Allen did not surprise many fans by shooting the lights out for the Sonics but they never brought a championship back home to Seattle. In the 2007 NBA Draft he was traded by Seattle to the Boston Celtics for the 5th overall pick. Now playing for the Celtics, he is looking to capture an NBA title.


In four seasons for the Bucks, the "Big O" scored 4,701 points and was a part of the 1971 World Championship squad. Drafted out of Cincinnati in 1960, he was drafted by Cincinnati in the first round. A career 84% foul shooter during his tenure with Milwaukee, readers of USA Today have also placed him amongst the top five players in Bucks history. After playing for Milwaukee for four seasons Robertson departed and left behind a legacy that even the absent-minded Bucks fan can recognize. Kareem wasn't the only one who brought this team to their first (and only) championship; Oscar Robertson contributed in many ways and he is thanked by all Milwaukee fans.


Sidney Moncrief, sometimes referred to as "Sid the Kid", was an elite guard for the Bucks during the retro era. Sidney was drafted in the First Round of the 1979 draft by the Bucks and he went on to play with them until 1989. Averaging 16.7 points per contest as a Buck, Moncrief also dished out 3447 assists and shot 83% from the foul line. Moncrief also averaged playing 70 games per year and led the Bucks to the playoffs in every season that he played.


Marques Johnson played seven seasons for the Bucks. He was drafted out of UCLA in 1977 by Milwaukee. In those seven seasons he averaged 21.0 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game. He never shot under 50% from the field in his tenure as a Buck and he blocked 441 shots. His most impressive season was by far the 1978-79 season in which he averaged nearly 26 points and about 8 rebounds per contest and shot 55% from the floors that season in 77 games. He helped guide the Bucks to the postseason in six of his seven seasons.


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