This task required that I make a web site based on a topic of my choice using Dreamweaver and Flash. For my topic I chose my favorite basketball team, the Milwaukee Bucks. In order to make the web site we had to learn to use them. From February to April we learned how to use the program from a textbook and we took a few tests when appropriate. A few weeks before the site was due I was asked to design a Flash that would eventually be featured on my index page. This process of learning helped me a great deal and it made me feel more comfortable when I designed this site. I am glad that we had an opportunity to get well-acquainted with the programs. The most challenging part of this task was to gather all of the information and then figure out where all of that information would go. There is a lot of history and data associated with the Bucks so it was challenging sometimes. The easiest part of this task was to select the pictures that would be included in the web site. By completing this task I have met Standard 1.1 in the Narragansett High School Expectations. This standard states that I communicated effectively using oral, written, or technological formats. I used a computer and advanced programs to achieve this standard. By completing this task I have become a better student because I know what information is good for a web site and what information is extraneous. I have used creativity and my imagination to make an interesting web site.


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