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The Inside Scoop Of Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps birthday is 06/30/85, born in Baltimore, MD. Michael is about 6'4 feet tall and weighs about 195 pounds.

His hair is brown along with his deep brown eyes. Michael went to the University of Michigan, which was his dream

school to begin with.In his free time he likes to play football,listen to music, play video games, and hang out with his

bulldog, Herman. Michael lives with his mother named Debbie a schoolteacher and his father Fred a state trooper. He

also enjoys lacrosse, soccer, and baseball. Michaels favorite food are lasagna, pretzels,cheeseburgers subs and waffle

cones filled with French vanilla ice cream and Butterfinger bits. His mother who he loves very much and at the age of 18

still is living with her in the house he grew up in and does not pay rent. Michael Phelps life is sleep, swim, eat, swim,

sleep. Then he does it all over again, this is what a normal everyday, day is like for Michael Phelps.

Every Day Life Of Michael Phelps :

  • Up at 6:00 AM

  • at the pool by 6:30 AM

  • Swim from 7:00 to 9:00 AM

  • Eat, take a nap

  • Back at the pool at 3:45 to 6:15 PM

  • Head home around 7:00 PM

  • Eat with Mother

  • Sleep by 10:00 - 10:15 PM

Michael swims just about 40 miles a week, Micheal does not run or use weights but spends most of his time on a

stationary bike to work on his leg muscles.Going to the gym and lifting weights for Michael would just add more muscle

and that means more weight. Gaining more weight means he would have to drag around more weight and would not

move through the water as fast as he does now. For Michael to get to the pool everyday, twice a day it is only about 4

miles to get to the pool from his home and rides there in a 2000 Escalade he bought for himself. Micheal may seem to

have a busy and stressful life, but he loves the life he lives, and enjoys every moment of it. Whether he is spending time

in the pool, with his dog Herman, or with his mom he is greatful of everything he has and does.

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