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In my web design class we prepared to make a website. Through out all of the classes we learned many different things that would help us to make our websites.I leanred so many different things like making tables, links, and learning how to create a Flash. We prepared making out flash by doing smaller flash assignments. So then we would be ablet to get comfortable with the program, so later on we would be able to create a better and improved Flash for the final.The most challenging part of this assignment was everything for me. I had a lot of difficulty with both the websites and the flash. It took me much longer to complete all of the taks that we did in class, but after messing up and re-doing things over it became easier. The least challenging part of this task for me was the final website, I was able to put my on imagination into it and do everything i wanted to do. It was alot of fun to create something on my own and come up with all of my own ideas. Completing this task helped me to Communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats (1.1), because I worked with a computer through out the whole entire time I was in this course. Completing this task also helped me Demonstrate the use of reasoning and problem solving skills and strategies through analysis and synthesis of data and information (1.4). Next it helped me also demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration (2.1) because I worked on this task alone and completed it independently. Lastly I was able to be proficient in the use of technology(1.2) because of working and understand the use of a computer. Completing this task helped me not only in my life at school or my course Web Design but it helped me at home and using computers for other classes that i have now and classes that i may have downm the road. It also helped me grow as not only a student but also as a person I am more confident with working with computers now, and also now going on websites I can see how Website developers did all of their work and now I can look at it and have the confidence that i could do the same thing.

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