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The Jonas Brothers siblings Nick, Joe, and Kevin are from New Jersey where they expressed their love for music. At first the Jonas Brothers were just the Jonas Brother, when Nick Jonas went to Columbia records to wow over the producers, little did they know that the three of them were going to walk out of there with a record deal.

Their first chart topping song "Mandy" was featured on their first album "Its About Time", featuring other songs like "Year 3000", "6 Minutes", "I Am What I Am", "Please Be Mine" and more. After the success of their first album that came out in August 2006, they put out another album "Jonas Brothers" in summer of 2007. Their movie "Camp Rock" is due to air late June on Disney Channel, with a new T.V series "J.O.N.A.S" to follow in late fall.

To most people this person is known as "The Bonus Jonas" or "Frank the Tank" but to these three brothers he is known as little brother Frankie. Frankie is eight years old and he loes music just as much as his brothers. Along with hanging out with his brothers at home, he now gets to hang out with them at work because he will be working with them on the new Disney Channel show "J.O.N.A.S", that's not a bad job for an eight year old.


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