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Joe Jonas is the middle Jonas, he is eighteen years old and was born on August 15 1989. Before dreaming of being in a band Joe wanted to be a stand up comedian and be different than his other brothers. Joe was the "crazy" one, as a younger child he was always fooling around and being silly, that added to his love for comedy.

Music always had a place in Joe's heart though, although he did not dream of performing professionally he still loved music. When his little brother Nick got signed to Columbia records and they started the Jonas Brothers band, music became Joe's life. In the band the instruments Joe plays keyboard, tambourine, gutair and is the lead singer. Now Joe loves making music with his two brothers Nick and Kevin.

In his spare time Joe likes playing his favorite sport...wiffle ball. He also enjoys driving the tour bus, but after almost crashing it once he can't drive it anymore. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious just happens to be Joe's favorite word and "A Wrinkle In Time" his favorite book.



Joe: (When asked if he and his brothers really get along) Yeah, we do. We only fist fight twice a day.

Joe: I definitely want a hippopotamus for Hanukkah.

Joe: Kevin [Jonas] has a Starbucks radar in his head. We'll be on the road, and he'll be like, "Two miles-Starbucks." He can smell it...and every time he's right!

Joe: (Imitating his brother, Kevin) Hi, I'm Kevin Jonas, and I would like to sell you a car!

Joe: I'm afraid that when I'm asleep that somebody might want to break into my house and punch me. Its called "afraidthatpeoplearegoingtopunchyouphobia!"

Joe: (on the Jonas Brothers song, "Hold On") It can mean like waiting in line and you're just like "..hold on". Or if you're riding your bike and you get a flat tire and you're like...Hold your bike? It can mean...Okay I need to figure out what this song means.

Joe: I wish I could shoot bacon out of my eyes.

Joe: I had an imaginary friend. His name was Joe, he'd always get me in trouble.


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