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Born in 1987 Paul Kevin Jonas is the oldest member of the Jonas Brothers band, Paul goes by his middle name Kevin. At first Kevin was only on the gutair but he now shares back up vocals with his younger brother Nick. Kevin is rumored to be a "self-taught" guitarist, he is claimed to have taught himself one week when he was home sick. The last year Kevin completed "in-school" was his sophomore year of high school, he has since been home schooled and graduated but has not attended college yet.

Kevin's favorite sports are badminton and pole vaulting, his favorite hobby is bowling. He is also a good skateboarder, one day after his school was closed up for the night he rode his skateboard through it. Like his brother Nick, Kevin can also juggle pretty well, he can also play ping-pong. Kevin is "allergic" to all fruits, but especially the bananas he can't even stand the smell of them! He also get very annoyed when people try to tell him how to drive.



Kevin: "Get in the fridge!"

Kevin: "I watched Gilligan’s Island and Jurassic Park on the same day. And that night, I had a dream about a T-Rex eating Gilligan. I must’ve eaten bad food or something."

Kevin: "It’s a little weird to have fans see pictures of us when we were little because it’s like, ‘Where’d you get that picture?’"

Kevin: "One time a girl sprayed a can of silly string. But it wasn’t silly string; it was like industrial-size like, ‘I am going to attack Joseph!’"

Kevin: "I consume too much sugar. It’s a problem, I need to stop."

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