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Nick Jonas the youngest Jonas brother is fifteen and he plays gutair, piano, and sings with his brother Joe. Nick wrote the hit song "SOS" based on something that had happened to him. Nick and the rest of the Jonas Brothers all wear purtity rings, while in Florida Nick lost his orignal purity ring and had a new ring made up with "PONED" inscribed in it.

Along with singing, song writing and playing instrument Nick also performed on Broadway when he was younger, "Beauty in the Beast", "Les Miserables", and "Annie Get Your Gun" were some plays he performed in.

In November of 2005 Nick's life changed when he was diagonsed with type one Diabetes. To control his condition he wears an OmniPod, the little device holds enough insulin in it to keep Nick stable for up to three days, the OmniPod delivers insulin into the body without the use of needles so it is much more convient for Nick who is often on the road.

So there is a lot more to the fifteen year old than meets the eye, from his love of music and the color blue to his ability to breakdance and juggle, Nick is loving his life right now and does not plan to stop making music any time soon.



Nick (to his brother, Joe): You’re ideas are pointless.

Nick: Yo that’s illogical, I can’t have it!

Nick (talking about his purity ring): I got my ring at Disney World!

Nick (on sleeping in the bus than a hotel): No! We are sleeping on the bus.

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