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For this project we had to create a web page about something that, we were interested in. By completing this assignment, I learned that it takes a lot of work to make a website good enough to put on the web. There are many steps that you would not think were important in making a website. Like background color and text placement, when actually those are some of the most important components in creating a website. To learn the content to make a website we had made "websites" all quarter, we would put together pre-planned websites, all we would have to do is follow the guidelines to make the website because all the information and layout was already given to us. We also had to learn all the HTML characters, although when we made our final website we could do it in design mode we still had to learn what all the HTML characters were and how to use them. The most challenging part of this task was making the flash. In order to make the flash we spent a week of classes learning how to use the program and then we started our final flash the next week. The flash was the hardest because there were so many different parts you needed to include in your flash, different layers of movement, motion guidelines and more. The easiest part of this project was making the website. Although I hit a few bumps along the way, like learning how to install music onto a website, I soon learned that the help feature on my computer was a bigger help than I thought. All I did was type in "music" in the search bar and the third thing in the list was "play music", after that the instructions were very straightforward and I was able to put music on my website. By completing this assignment, I was able to gain a better understanding of computers because I had to learn how to do many aspects of this project without any help (1.4). I had to read a lot of information on The Jonas Brothers to make sure I got all of the right information on my website (1.3). In conclusion I have learned so much from this project, how to make a flash, a web page and insert a media plug in to my web page. All of the information I have learned in this class will help me in the future whenever I am in a situation when I will have to use a computer.

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