Four Year History
Four years ago considering a hockey team was nearly crazy considering the lack of knowledge on the sport and the money problems to go with it. Although through all the tough times of trying to get the team a part of Narragansett High School eventually the fan support for the matter won over the commity. Many players with no expeiernce at all went out for the team while there were very few with a backbone in the sport. The first year the team raised all their own money and supplied themelves with everything and finishing the season with around 5 wins. The next year the team would show its true colors though. Making the playoffs and winning the division the team showed the town what they could really do and once again repeated divison champions and playoffs again in the third year. Everyone knew the 4th year would be the year to watch the team, considering the talent of 10 new freshman and repeating stars Matt Westcott, Tanner Littlefield, and Brian Sullivan. The season basically came down to weather or not unexpiernced goalie Tyler Basile could hold up the team or not and sure enough he was able to. Winning the State Championship four years in which some teams today still havnt done in decades. The formula for Narragansetts on going succees over the years is simple.... have fun, forget about waking up at 4 in the morning and deal with it, work hard, then sleep in school, and always show a little compassion to everyone around.

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