This project consisted of creating a webpage from nothing and adding a flash to it. We went about doing this project by slowly learning everythign you need to know about making websites class by class until we were ready to go off on our own and take the task on by ourselves. I felt like we were well prepared to do all of this by the end of the project. After completing this task i felt as though i learned many thing along the way. Mostly about the structure and how to actually compile a website into a full out form. I felt as though i met many challenges along the way as far as trying to link things and getting really lost but eventually it all worked itself out. The hardest part was probably the flash, i would mainly say that becasue it took me so long to create and then i by mistake deleted it and then had to do it all over agian. This caused me much frustration. I overall did enjoy doing this project though and i feel like i can successfully compelete a website now without much help. Linking pictures was another trouble that i ran into and in the end i just decided to put the website under the pictures to save me time and trouble. I feel as though next time i may work a little harder toward the beginning instead of rushing it all in the end. I have had many troubles staying focused in class and i cant really blame anyone but myself. But in the end i feel like i am happy with my work and everything i did. We met a few of the tasks along the way such as 1.1 1.2 and a couuple more, all by creating and expressing our mind on a website and showing what we learned. I grew as a student because i feel like i can be more successful with computers and time managment and as a person i grew stronger, smarter, and more knowledgeable by doing this project.

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