State Champions


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The Begining of the State Championship was an time for happiness and nerves to start kicking in. With so many freshman the inexpiernce on the team was enormous. But the fact of the matter was no one on the team had been to a game this big before in their lives besides Matt Westcott who had previously played in the World Championships. It was just right that he would be the captain of the team to get ready to play cross town rival South Kingstown in the State Final. The first game would be played infront of a croud of more than 1,200 fans watching their respective teams fight for thier schools pride. But everyone knows only one team can come out on top and it happened the Mariners were the underdogs considering they had lost the previous 2 meetings earlier in the season. No one expected the Mariners to come out the way they did though. The Mariners led the game 3-2 going into the 3rd period of the 1st game although they would be stunned by South Kingstowns stars and lost the game 6-4 falling behind early in the series. After the game people cried, anger flared everywhere, and names were being pointed in all directions. The attitude coming into the 2nd game was simple, no one cared, we had already lost once, we felt the pain, why couldnt we do it again. That was just the attitude the team apperently needed, it was do or die, you win you play a 3rd game you lose you go home. The mariners went into the 3rd period again 3-2 but this time came out of the locker room flying. Putting up 5 unanswered goals and winning the game 8-2 shocking everyone including the very lopsided amount of fans SK had arrive at the game compared to Narragansett. Hope was revived, and the 3rd game was to begin. Everyone on the team did their own usual things to make sure no one made any bad luck things they usually didnt do and the game began. The 3rd period came and the surprisingly the Mariners carried a 2-0 lead into the last period. The minutes on the clock seemed to last for hours and the fans were going wild. With one minute left in the game the Narragansett Fans started cheering "Its all over" although with 30 seconds left SK scores and everyone is silent. No one on the ice is paying attention to anything but getting the puck, inside their heads its silent. But as the last heptic 30 seconds ticked off the clock the sounds came back, The Mariners were State Champions and the celebration Began.

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