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ABOVE: A Level 0 Akuma

Akuma are tools of the Millennium earl, that are made from a machine, and a soul. Once an Akuma is formed, it loses all self-control, becoming a weapon, and a toy for the Earl to use as he see's fit. To create Akuma, the Earl finds people who are in grief, at the loss of a loved one. He offers them the chance to see their loved ones again, and has them call out to their soul, dragging their soul back to earth. Once the soul is trapped inside an Akuma Skeleton, or a level 0 akuma, they become killing machines, and kill their loved one, who called them back, and wear their skin, to blend in with society. An akuma can go through several stages of transformation, each more powerful than the last, starting with level 0, going up to higher levels. Level 1 akuma are very common among akuma, and require only 1 kill to become a level 1 akuma. Level 1 Akuma use blood poison bullets, fired from many cannons covering their body, once infected with the blood virus, your body will crumble to dust.

ABOVE: A Typical Level 1 Akuma





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