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Allen Walker

Allen Walker is an orphan, who was abandoned by his biological parents because of a "deformed" left arm (This was later discovered to be his Innocence.). He was later adopted on Christmas day by Mana Walker, who became his father and mentor. Mana Walker then died under strange conditions, and in his grief, the Millennium Earl came to Allen, and offered to revive his dead father. In his grief, he revived Mana, not knowing that he would become an Akuma. When Mana Walker came back, he was an Akuma Skeleton, and was under the control of the Earl. Under the Earl's command, he was ordered to kill Allen, and wear his skin as a disguise. Mana Walker, using the little control he had, cursed Allen, by cutting his left eye, and cutting a pentagram, or 5-pointed star above his eye. When Allen was attacked, his Innocence activated, and with its power, he destroyed Mana Walker. Allen later becomes an Exorcist of the Dark Order, using his Innocence in his left arm to destroy Akuma, and save many human lives.


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