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Aryastar Crowry's full name is Aryastar Crowry III, and has a multiple personalities. One is a soft, kind hearted, and overly-emotional "normal" side, and the other is an aggressive, blood-sucking, "battle-ready" side. The two are easily distinguishable, because in his "normal" mode, his fangs retract, and a long white hair hangs down, while his eyes return to normal. Aryastar's Innocence is a rare parasite-class that physically appears as large, pointed teeth. However, the strength of the Innocence lies in his blood. When invoked, after drinking akuma blood, he changes into his "battle-ready" state, and gains extreme strength, speed, and agility. He is not entirely immune to the Akuma blood poison, but he can suck the blood poison out of other people, to stop them from dying, and enhancing his abilities.




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