The requirements for this project was to make a website about something you are interested in. As well as making a website, I also had to make a flash animation about the topic that would go onto the website. For my website I chose to inform others about the game of soccer. The process helped me to learn how to use dreamweaver and also how to use flash. I also learned the different vocabulary related to website making, such as a global navigational bar, a local navigational bar, etc. In order to properly complete this project I first had to figure out the topic I wanted to do. Next, I made an outline for my website on Microsoft Word. I then created my website in dreamweaver, and began working on it. Working on my website was not difficult, but completing it in time was. It was hard to complete my website in time because I had so many pages I wanted to put on the website. I would create new web pages as I went along, and I ended up having 27 pages total! While in the process of making my website, I also made my flash. This part was difficult for me because I did not know what to do in my flash. It was also difficult to make my flash do everything I wanted it to do. After I completed my flash, I then completed my website. This task helped me meet many academic and social/civic standards. I reached standard 1.1, since I communicated my information using website technology. Next, I met standard 1.2 because I illustrated I was proficient in using technological formats, since I used dreamweaver and flash. I met standard 1.4 because I used problem solving skills to properly figure out how to complete my website. I reached the social standards of 2.1 and 2.2. I reached 2.1 since I worked completely independently on my website. Standard 2.2 was demonstrated because I illustrated I knew how to responsibly use technological formats, such as dreamweaver and flash. This task has really broadened my horizon to how difficult making a website really is. My website was simple, but it was still difficult to make. I couldn't even imagine how hard it must be to make more complex websites! It also helped me grow because now thanks to this website I know how to make a website using dreamweaver, and also know how to make a flash using the flash program. I feel accomplished now that I have a website that is really on the internet. Overall, I am happy I had to do this project and am glad I completed it successfully.

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