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“Formed in Phoenix , Arizona , in 2007 while most of the band members were still in high school, the Maine turned their '90s radio rock band influences into a generic but still infectious pop-punk sound.” With Pat Kirch and Garrett Nickelson's former band breaking up, new things were to come. Tim Kirch, older brother to Pat, was good friends with John O'Callaghan and had mentioned to him that Pat's new band was looking for a lead singer. When suddenly discovering that he had excellent vocal abilities, O'Callaghan decided to join the band, The Maine. At the time, the band was made up of O'Callaghan, Nickelson, Kirch, and friends Alex Ross and Ryan Osterman. The five had been close friends all throughout high school. Their very first official song, Daisy, was a huge hit, and the band received positive feed back from their fans on Myspace.

Over time, band members Ross and Osterman decided to move their own separate ways.. The two guys, especially Osterman felt that they should be making music for the sake of making music and not for the fame and label records. Alex Ross now has a side the Maine 's formation called The Raintree. After losing two members, the guys needed to seek out temporary fill ins while touring. Those two were Kennedy Brock, former The Summer Set vocalist and school buddy and Jared Monaco, also a school friend. Today, The Maine consists of singer John O'Callaghan, guitarists Kennedy Brock and Jared Monaco, bassist Garrett Nickelsen, and drummer Pat Kirch. They Maine worked extremely hard and were signed to Fearless Records and released a five-song concept EP, The Way We Talk, in 2007. They are touring all over the country and soon to arrive is their very first album Can't Stop Won't Stop in stores everywhere July 8 th , 2008. Even though the band doesn't consist of the original 5 guys, they are still just as great a band and are still extremely close to their former band mates. "Now with their guitars strap Enter away message text here. ped and mics checked all that is left is for The Maine to destroy your senses and capture your soul with their jaw dropping melodies and amazing hooks."

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