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Paladin- Healers in plate mail. Efficient at staying alive, and good group healers, but otherwise very melee dominant for damage.


Rogue- Backstabbers, thieves and ambushers, rogues are very proficient at dealing huge amounts of damage to a single target and disappearing before anyone realizes what just happened.

Hunter- Deadly melee combatants but even dealier at a range. They get to tame wild animals and force them to take the hits while they sit back and shoot.
Priest- Best healers in the game, not very good vs. enemies unless they focus on shadow damage or have another player with them.
Warlock- They plague their enemies with several damage over time spells that will eventually lead to their enemies death, even if they get killed in the meantime.
Mage- Manipulators of ice, fire, and arcane energy, mages deal a large amount of damage and are very good against several enemies or just one. the only thing they lack is the ability to survive in general.
Warrior- Typically has a high amount of life and armor, but no spells at all. The most powerful melee combatants, they are known as tanks for the reason that they can take the most hits at any given time.
Shaman- Controllers of nature, shamans use the gifts of the elements to help them fight in melee or with spells. they are also very efficient healers but only if focused correctly.
Druid- Shapeshifters to an extreme, druids are the most multi-purpose class of all. They have larger amounts of armor and life than any non-plate wearing class in bear form, can deal more damage from stealth than any class beyond rogue in cat form, can spell-cast better than most in moonkin form, and can heal very well in the tree of life form.
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Dragon | Neutral Forces | Horde and Alliance | Works Cited | Reflection

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