Lebron just chilling during the off season

LeBron James is considered as one of the biggest threats in the NBA today by averaging 26.7 points, 6.4 assists and 6.7 rebounds per game for his career. ‘As of the 2007–08 seasons, he has recorded 16 triple-doubles in his career, with 14 in the regular season and 2 in the postseason.’(Wikipedia) LeBron definitely has an advantage against most of all the players he goes against because his body strength with his quickness is almost unstoppable. His game is mostly penetrating to the basket, but don’t be surprised if he pulls up for a jumper beyond the arch. He is definitely the guy you want to have to ball when in tight situations in a game, he’s a scorer. ‘In the 2005–06 seasons, he led the league in completed traditional three point plays. He is a solid rebounder who regularly ranks among the league leaders in rebounds for the small forward position.’(Wikipedia) James has only been in the league for four years and is already compared to many NBA legends such as: Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan.

Although James seems almost flawless he still has trouble with the freebies aka free throws. ‘In the 2006-07 seasons he averaged a subpar .698 free throw percentage.’(Wikipedia) This was definitely not LeBron’s highlight year in free throws no doubt. He also isn’t the best defensive player but he makes up for that by averaging close to 7 rebounds a game.

Research Done by: Tyler Casey