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This assignment was to create a web site on something you was interested in. So for my web site I decided to research Kobe Bryant. I learned a lot about Kobe Bryant there’s a lot of information that I didn’t know that I learned by doing this project. I also learned how to build a web site which it took a lot to steps to complete the site.

The process I took by learning how to build my web site was by building a graphic organizer showing all the work that I was going to put on each page for the site. This helps me learn because I already had all my information on an organizer and all I had to do was put the work on to the pages.

The most challenging aspect of my task was the animation part that had to be put onto the web page. That was hard for me because I wasn’t really sure how to do that. I would always forget the process to put the animation together and then how to put it on the page.

The least challenging aspect of this task was getting the pictures needed for my web page. This was easy because all I had to do was to find the right pictures for each page. Also another easy part of this project was writing in the information on Kobe Bryant. Most of the information I already knew being a fan of his but I learned things I didn’t know about.

The standards that I met to complete this task was 1.1 Communicate effectively using oral, written, and technological formats, I did this by using the internet for the technological formats and I had to write facts and information on Kobe Bryant. Another Academic standard that I met was 1.3 Read critically and interpret a wide range of materials with varying degrees of complexity, I did this by reading a lot of information on Kobe Bryant and then putting it into my own words and putting it on my pages. A social and civic learning standard that I learn was 2.1Demonstrate the behaviors and skills for independence and collaboration. I completed this task by working on my own in and out of class to finish my site.

The completion of this task I develop as a student because I learned how to do a web page which I would never think I would do. I also learned a lot about my topic. By choosing my own topic I learned that it is a lot easier to complete a task when you are having fun doing them.


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