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. . . . This assignment was to create a website on a topic of my choice using the Dreamweaver program and lessons learned in class this year. My web site is about the Animal Rights Movement. I am an animal rights activist, but by creating this website I learned a lot more about the topic. I also learned about the Dreamweaver program and what to include while creating a website. To learn this content we first did in class lessons and applications of the individual parts of Dreamweaver. Then, after using each individual skill and being tested on them, we created the websites that combine all pieces into one. This process was helpful for learning because I got to learn and become familiar with each part of Dreamweaver before creating a website all on my own.

. . . . The most challenging aspect of this task was creating the flash. I missed the classes that we learned how to use flash and had to rely on others to teach me how. The first flash I attempted to create was much too hard for me, so I had to restart the process with an easier design. The least challenging aspect of this task was finding information to put into my website. There are many helpful websites on Animal Rights and the ending of animal cruelty.

. . . . In completing this assignment I met standard 1.1 as I effectively communicated using a technological format. Standard 1.3 was met as I read many different materials to complete this website. Finally, I met 2.2 by participating as a citizen in the local, national, and global community. I did so because a website is something that anyone can view/access. This task has helped me develop because I now know how to create a website that allows me to connect to millions of people worldwide and I also know what information is best to include or leave out of a website that is giving an overview of a large topic.


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