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The percentage of violent offenders that had early records of animal cruelty.


The Animal Rights Movement is a movement to keep in mind the interests of animals and gain them the same consideration as the interests of human beings. The main goals being to avoid the suffering of animals in numerous ways; but especially by ending the regard that animals are property, or used as food, clothing, research objects, or entertainment. The hope of this movement is that animals will soon join our moral community.

The movement is compiled of many, diverse memebers who's only goal is to protect animals from abuse/misuse (such as testing, furs, hunting, factory farming, etc). Many supporters of this idea have begun to promote vegetarianism or veganism as it has been pointed out that factory farms are inhumane conditions for animals to live in.

The movement is, quite simply, a group of people with the hope to stop the mistreatment of animals and get other humans to see that they too have feelings, families, and deserve the same simple rights we seek.

Why should I care?
One cares about minimizing suffering.
One cares about promoting compassion in human affairs.
One is concerned about improving the health of humanity.
One is concerned about human starvation and malnutrition.
One wants to prevent the radical disruption of our planet's ecosystem.
One wants to preserve animal species.
One wants to preserve wilderness.



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