Animal Rights
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The percentage, and also the majority, of animal cruelty cases that are categorized as "neglect."

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The Animal Rights Movement is to get nonhuman animals the rights they deserve; such as living according to their own nature and living without abuse, harm or exploitation.This doesn't mean we should treat animals well during exploiting/before we kill them, but rather they have the same right as humans to live a life without human cruelty. The goal of Animal Right activists is to include all animals in the human circle of respect. Withholding this from other animals is called specieism. Other animals feel pain, fear, hunger, loneliness, thirst, and kinship. We should treat them the way we treat each other.

Many people have come to the same conclusion that factory farming, vivisection, animal testing, and the exploitation of animals for entertainment is morally wrong. However, even if you don't agree with all of these ideas, you cannot ignore the fact that all living creatures deserve our compassion and concern and should not suffer pain and suffering from humans.

This site will help you understand why the Animal Rights Movement is important, show you what to do join the movement, and help create awareness on the issue at hand.


Top Ten Reasons for Animal Rights:

Animal Rights are:

1. Rational
2. Scientific
3. Unprejudiced
4. Just
5. Compassionate
6. Unselfish
7. Individually fulfilling
8. Socially progressive
9. Environmentally wise
10. Peace-loving



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