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$5 billion
The amount of U.S. tax dollars that are put towards animal experiments every year.

How You Can Help




  • Join one or more organizations looking out for animals interests (see the organizations page for a few helpful starters).
  • Work with Peta in their fight for animal rights
  • Adopt a pet and save a life: visit local shelters or go to petfinder
  • Sign petitions to get better rights for our furry friends
  • Promote habitat preservation: There are millions of animals fighting for their lives in their diminishing homes. There are many organizations devoted to wildlife conservation.
  • Don't participate in activities that are harming animals and other living creatures: hunting, fishing, dissections, etc.
  • Promote ethical research methods and refrain from supporting companies who test on animals
  • Support organizations that are ethical. Circuses, rodeos, fights, races, etc have cruel and abusive systems for their animals.
  • Don't wear clothing that required animal factories to produce; such as leather, down, and fur
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
  • Speak up for those who can't talk for themselves! Do a project, presentation, club or other activities to promote Animal Rights.


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