The night sky reveals their future.
So far away, but they both know exactally what is going to happen.
He jumps from his window and begins to sprint to her house.
Overcome with fear she stumbles outside, alone, searching.
She's trying to hold on,
trying to keep herself there for just a few more seconds.
Finally he arrives.
Without even a single moment to catch his breath he takes her weak body in his arms and holds her close.
"It's okay.  I'm here."
She begins to cry on his shoulder, as he carries her down to the ocean, where they can be alone.
Where the only sounds are those of muffled crying, hearts beating, and waves crashing.
Hearing the pain in her voice causes a tear to run down his cheek.
Seeing the fear in her eyes only causes him to hold her closer.
With her frail hands, she places hers on his and looks deep into his eyes.
He gives her a faint smile and holds her again, trying to make her feel as though she is not alone.
He knows she is scared, he just wishes she could see that she isn't alone.
That he has always been there.
That he will never leave her helpless and alone.
They can both feel it now.
The time has come.
The darkness of night is now surrounding them,
the clouds part to reveal a full moon.
She starts to tremble and he holds her hands in his.
He won't let go, regardless of what happens.
She looks at him one last time and smiles,
and her smile is met with an unexpected kiss.
With her lips against his, is is finally happening.
The fog, the danger.
The confusion, the haze.
The dizziness, the fear.
The screams, the cries.
To be there with her is to put his own life on the line.
His chances of death are great.
But he does not care.
He promised her he would stay,
that he'd never leave her side,
and he always kept his promises.
Through the blood and the tears,
the pain and the worry,
he stays.
Tonight, she stays safe.
Tonight, he protects her.
Tonight, he will hold on.
Tonight, she will push him away.
As much as it seems he shouldn't be there,
that she wouldn't want him there,
beneath all the fury,
all the darkness,
he can see that she does.
Although all else might have changed,
her eyes remain the same.
Deep in those eyes of hers,
he can see who she really is.
Who she was earlier that day,
and who she will be again soon enough.
Soon enough, but ages away.
He can see that she needs him there.
She will not remember this when the morning comes.
She never does.
But the memories are forever his.
He keeps them hidden, locked up deep inside.
He carries them alone, the burden is great,
but this is a small matter compared to what he feels for her,
what he would do for her.
She will never know, for he will never tell.
His lips are sealed, his heart sewn shut despite the pain.
If only she knew.