You See Right Through Me.

My steady breathing grows rapid,
my heart beats fast.
The moonlight is the only one by my side.

As I walk down these streets tonight,
my heart aches.
Lies, secrets, stories left untold,
all tear me apart.
What I once thought to be true,
I now have to question.
The deception,
it burns me more painfully than any fire ever could.

All is silent,
all but the pounding in my chest.
What hurts the most is hidden, though.
Deep down, deeper than anyone could imagine.
Far out of reach, or so I thought.
If there is nobody that can reach me,
nobody that can melt my icy heart,
no one that can see through my facade,
why does it feel this way?
Why is my heart melted, a pool of warm, red water?
Why have all the walls I put up so carefully,
to protect me from just this,
been torn down?

Why do I feel so transparent?