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For the Xbox 360 there are a pretty good number in choices you can pick from when it comes to controllers.  

Top Left: Wired Controller
Top Right: Wireless Controller
Middle Left: Blue and Pink Wireless
Middle Right: Elite Black Wireless
Bottom Left: Halo 3 Limited Edition Controller (Spartan)
Bottom Right: Halo 3 Limited Edition Controller (Covenant)

For the wireless controllers there are the battery packs and charging kits instead of wasting countless batteries.

Top Left: Battery Pack Charger
Top Right: Wired Charger Kit
Bottom Left: Regular Battery Pack
Bottom: Charger Kit

If you are good at texting or dont feel like talking to people on your mic see in envesting in the chat pad for your controllers.
The mics are assentail for xbox live gaming .

Left: Wireless Mic
Right: Wired Mic

There is also a HD DVD player for all of your theater needs.
And if you need to relax and sit back you can use the universal remote for the 360.


For live chatting microsoft released a camera which can show your friends your mean gamer face or just talk to your friend face to face.
And to store everything on Xbox 360 you need the Hard Drives.
Top: 20 Gigabyte Hard Drive
Bottom: 120 Gigabyte Hard Drive
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