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The Xbox was Microsoft's first product that ventured into the video game console industry, after having partnering with Sega in Windows CE to the Dreamcast console. It was initialy developed within Microsoft by a fairly small team. It was first revealed in winter of 1999 when Nick George, Microsoft CEO, was interviewed about upcoming microsoft projects. Bill Gates then siad that video games are a major part in the new multimedia world. The major success of Sony's Playstation worried Microsoft and but the rise of the video gaming consoles was forshadowing a threat to the PC industry which is where Microsoft got most of its income. The Xbox was originally called "DirectX-box" due to the fact that they used the DirectX program within the technology of the console. The Xbox was released on November 15, 2001 for $299. It sold 24 million consoles as of May 10, 2006

Top Left: Halo 2 that was the top selling game of xbox selling 8million copies
Top Right: Halo: Combat Evolved which was the second best selling game selling 5 million copies
Bottom Left: Splinter Cell Stealth Action Redefined was the third best selling game and sold 3.1 million
Bottom Right: Fable was fourth in sales for the xbox and hit 3 million

Down below are the two controllers available for the original xbox.

Bottom Left: Original controller that came with the first xboxes called the "Duke" controller

Bottom Right: The "S-controller" was originally made for Japanese markets meant for smaller hands but after the Duke was critisized for being bulky and so then they opened for the United States and Europe








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